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Version 2.0

Become a Smarter Fruit Shopper!

Are you tired of buying fruit that looks good in the store, only to find that it has no taste?
Now, you can take the Best Fruit Now app with you, and shop like a fruit pro!
Let 30 year industry veteran Tommy K guide you with monthly recommendations on what is BEST now, what to AVOID, and ideas for fruit to TRY now. He tastes it all!

  • Learn the chances of BLINDLY buying a particular fruit of excellent quality NOW.
  • Get the SCOOP on hundreds of fresh fruit varieties - tips, fun facts and recipes.

The lowdown on hundreds of varieties - tips, facts, recipes.

What are the chances of buying a good orange this month? Now you know.

Hundreds of high quality fruit images to feast your eyes on.

I love this app! I finally have a source on hand when I'm at the market to help me buy fruit. Very informative. I used it to try some fruits I would never have bought. I'm going to gift this app to all my friends!

- Supermom122
Fruit Buying Guide

Learn what fruits are BEST NOW, what fruits to AVOID NOW and suggestions on what fruits to TRY NOW! These suggestions are updated monthly by a 30 year industry veteran. Get tips on selecting the best fruit, along with video recipes and fun fruit tidbits.

Fruit Scoop

Get the Scoop on hundreds of varieties of fresh fruits! Fun facts such as where and when did Maria “Granny” Smith discover the famous green apple that bears her name. Learn great tips such as the “Harvey” method of eating Bosc pears. Also enjoy YouTube video recipes featuring dozens of fantastic Chefs such as Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentis, Nigella Lawson, Alton Brown, Ina Garten and others including many popular food bloggers!

Fruit Chances

What are the chances of walking in to a random market and BLINDLY buying excellent quality of these fruits NOW? This section lays out your chances for each category of fruits and includes a special VALUE PICK each month!


Become a contributor! The Fruit Scoop section details hundreds of fresh fruit varieties with more on the way thanks to enthusiastic fruit lovers with special knowledge of a favorite variety. If your submission is approved you will get credit for your contribution and compensation in the form of a Best Fruit Now 100% organic tee shirt that boasts “Real Food Rules”.

The story of Best Fruit Now

It started out as a labour of love for Philadelphia fruit wholesaler Tom Kovacevich, who wanted to educate people about the fruit they were buying. So, in 2008, he started his Best Fruit Now blog to do just that.

“So much of what is offered in stores is grown to LOOK good, but not necessarily to TASTE good,” says Tom. “I wanted people to know that they could do better.”

This is more than just a matter of what is “in season” in a generic way. There are good years and bad for fruit varieties. Because Tom is trying everything that passes through his market, he can say for sure what is worth buying. One particular variety of pear, for example, might be good this month, while another expected hit might be disappointing.

This information is useful enough when you read it at home, but much more valuable when you are out and about, fruit shopping at the store. It’s the sort of knowledge has mobile app written all over it. And so, the Best Fruit Now app was born. We hope that you find it worthwhile.

The Team

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When will the Android version be released?


UPDATE: Android version released!
Unfortunately, we did not make our hoped-for July launch date.
It should be available by September 1st.

The app is still showing content from a previous month. How do I update it?


UPDATE: Version 1.1.0, which addresses this issue, is now available.

We are currently preparing an app update which will feature a prominent “Update” button in the tab bar.

Right now, on iPhone, this button is to be found on the top right of the main Guide screen.

Best Fruit Now 2.0

Released on 05/15/12
  • No more update issues! Updates in seconds every month.
  • Now a UNIVERSAL app - runs on iPhone and iPad.
  • New fun, fresh look.
  • Graphics optimized to look great on the iPad Retina.

Best Fruit Now 1.1.0

Released on 08/31/11
  • Added Update tab - Refresh button was too easy to miss before.
  • Entire app now works in both portrait and landscape modes. (Android still portrait only.)
  • Bug fixes.

Best Fruit Now 1.0.0

Released on 03/02/11
  • The Big Kahuna. Launch day!

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Perhaps you are a fan of a fruit not yet noted in the Fruit Scoops? Simply write and submit an interesting blurb, please note an interesting fact or two, any special selection or preparation tips, but keep to less than 150 words.

If you have an original photo, please also submit that, however the photo must be high resolution (1 MB plus), and yours to grant permission for Best Fruit Now, LLC to use in the app and corresponding website. You can also submit "How to Select" and/or "Recipe" videos.

If your entry is approved you will earn a "Real Food Rules" organic tee shirt and you will get credited for the entry in the app!